Placement Technical Issues

Missing Images

If the story does not have an image, we will use our placeholder image instead (the grey “G”). There are a few possible reasons why your image may not be appearing:

  1. An image is not associated with the content 
  2. The image may be a unsupported size. Aspect ratios should be no larger than 2:1 or 1:2, and minimum image size is 300x300 pixels. 
  3. We don’t have permission to access the image
  4. Server issue; i.e., image was removed from article/feed, the client server is down, etc. 

You can always provide a custom placeholder image, such as your site logo in JPG or PNG format, to your Account Manager. We can also replace Gravity’s placeholder image with your custom image instead.

Placement Not Rendering

Please make sure that the Plugin code was not edited in any way during implementation (you should simply copy/paste the snippet where you'd like the Plugin to render on page, don't change the code or the formatting in any way). If you have confirmed that the Plugin Code is correct, please reach out to your Account Manager for further assistance.

Same or Old Stories Appearing

By default, content that has been clicked on is not always removed from recommendations for a number of reasons. If you prefer that it be removed, please contact your Account Manager who can help further.

Stories are recommended based on a combination of personalization, performance, relevancy, and virality. If you are concerned about the recency of recommended stories, contact your Account Manager. They can setup a max look back date for recommendations to ensure that only stories within a certain time frame are recommended.


 It takes some initial lead-time before we can gather enough data to generate interest graphs and provide truly personalized recommendations. If you’re still not seeing personalized results after a week (5-7 days) of launching site-wide, try the following steps: 

  1. Clear your cookies and then continue browsing as a normal user would. 
  2. Engage with articles that a typical user would read (i.g., related to a specific topic, area, etc). 
  3. After reading 4 articles or more based on the above, check the Gravity recommendations. They should start to appear personalized based on the user data and current article you are on.

Should the above not work, please reach out to your Account Manager to further investigate.

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