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Check out the Best Practices Guide attached to this article for information on how to make sure that your content will garner engagement and perform well when distributed across the Gravity network. It will answer all your questions on what to promote and content strategy.


What to Promote

There are a variety of content formats that work well: articles, videos, slideshows/lists, reviews, blog posts, advertorials.

In order to encourage engagement for video content, videos should have meta data somewhere on the page explaining the context of the video – page source is a common location or if you provided us a feed you can use description or content tags in that feed.

Generally speaking, the more content the better, but the law of diminishing returns starts to apply when you are getting into the thousands of articles. We recommend always starting with your best content first, so that your campaigns can establish performance on the network, and then start introducing new content as you see consistent delivery.
The more content you include, the more potential your campaign results will have. Gravity’s system will dynamically surface the most engaging content to help optimize the campaign.
Our account managers are always happy to help if you have specific questions about your campaigns. They will let you know if we should try testing more content, if you have submitted too much, or if the content you are submitting will not be a good fit for our network.

Content with Restricted Access

If the content is not publicly available, we are unable to drive traffic to it. But if the first page view of the article is accessible, we can drive traffic to those pages.

Which Creative is Associated to Content

Depending on how your content is submitted, Gravity can either use the appropriate tags within your feed, or capture the title and image by crawling the URL provided. At any time your Account Manager will be happy to modify the title and image associated with your content.

Bulk Export/Upload Content

To add content to your campaign, please fill the attached Content Form attached to this article and return the completed form to your Account Manager


Image Sizing

Check out the Image Sizing Guide attached to this article for information and best practices.

How Images are Processed

Gravity is able to run a lean sales operations team, and keep advertiser costs down, by maximizing our efficiency. One way that we expedite campaign creation is requiring that advertisers provide us with hosted images.

Advertisers can send us image URLs that they upload and host on a CDN, a CMS, or any other server they have access to. Below are a few answers to regular questions advertisers have related to hosted images.

What is the load going to be on my server?

  • There will be minimal load to your server. Gravity will take a copy of your images  when setting up your campaign and then cache them in our CDN.
  • We crop and optimize images before they are cached to guarantee optimal performance, and minimal advertiser load.

What happens if the image is deleted from my server or the file path has changed?

  • Once the campaign is live and we have taken a copy of the image nothing will be affected. If you wish to use a different image you need to let us know.

If I do not have my images hosted how can I send Gravity hosted images?

  • Most website hosting companies have a way for you to upload images to your account. We recommend contacting your hosting company's support to find the most cost-effective solution for you.
  • We are not able to take Google Drive or Dropbox Links.



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