Budget Guidelines

The daily budget is the maximum amount you would like to spend each day on clicks. You set your own daily budget and cost-per-click (CPC). You are charged your CPC each time your content is clicked by a reader. It’s important to note that you are only charged for the clicks you accrue, even if you don't reach your daily budget. For example, if your budget is $200 but you only reach $50 worth of clicks that day, you only pay $50. You will never be charged more than your daily budget cap, even if there is slight overage.
We recommend starting with a minimum spend of $200 per day for the best learnings, and increasing or decreasing as needed.  


Each campaign can be configured with a daily cap. Once the campaign reaches the daily cap, the campaign will resume the following day until the campaign has delivered in full. If a campaign is set as Ongoing, it will continue delivering each day until the campaign is paused.
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