Publisher: Getting Started Steps

Once you’ve been assigned an Account Manager, there are 4 basic steps to get started:

  1. Confirm that you've signed and returned the: Terms of Service, AOL Vendor Form and your W9 (W8BEN for international partners).
  2. Provide an RSS or Atom feed for the organic recirculated content
  3. Discuss implementation details (API or iFrame, design, placement, etc)

Video Content

Before we can recommend your video content, we need an RSS or Atom feed which meets our ingestions requirements and specs. Each piece of video content needs a:

  • URL
  • Title
  • Publish Date
  • Content Description
  • Thumbnail Image

If You Do Not Have A Feed

If you plan to recommend organic content for recirculation within your Gravity Plugin(s), a content feed is highly recommended. If you do not have an RSS or Atom feed, your Account Manager can provide you with direction in setting one up via our specs and/or help find a secondary solution.

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