Launching Your Campaign


Launching campaigns with Gravity is quick and easy. Once your insertion order is finalized, your Account Manager can help get your campaign started for you.

For video content, we recommend creating a separate campaign, so that you can adjust the cost-per-click to meet your goals.

Please allow up to one business day for your campaigns and content to be reviewed. Keep in mind this can take longer over weekends and holidays. We always aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Campaign Details

The details of your campaign will typically be specified within your insertion order (IO). You have the ability to specify:

Flight Dates: You can define the start and end dates for your campaign(s). We want your campaign(s) to run as smoothly as possible, so let your Account Manager know if you’d like the budget to automatically renew at the beginning of each month.

Budget: You can set your budget by day or for the life of your campaign.

CPC: Set the maximum amount you are willing to pay per click.

Targeting: You can specify the devices and countries where you campaign will be allowed to serve.

Goals: Let us know what your specific goal is for your campaign. (i.e. maximize traffic volume).   Your Account Manager can ensure that your campaign is set up to meet your goals.

  1. Content

Content recommendations are served with a title and an image. There are 2 ways to submit content:

  1. RSS Feed

The fastest way to provide a large amount of content is via an RSS feed. A feed also lets you automatically add content to your campaign on an ongoing basis. Gravity has feed format specification which can be found here.

  1. Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are a simple way to provide a smaller amount of content and requires less technical work than putting together an RSS feed. Each piece of content should be a row in the spreadsheet with the following columns:

URL: The URL for each individual piece of content

Image URL: A link to the image to be used with each individual piece of content. The image should be a minimum of 500 pixels by  300 pixels. We cannot accept secure images. If you do not have links to images available, contact your Account Manager to discuss additional options for uploading images.

Headline: Titles for each content URL , up to 70 characters including spaces.

To help you get started with uploading your content, grab our pre-formatted template and start plugging in your URLs, image URLs and headlines.

  1. Tracking

Make Use of Analytics

The Gravity Dashboard can be used to view the performance of your campaign but if you'd like to use your own analytics (Google Analytics,Omniture, etc.)  you can provide unique codes by campaign or URL.

Example Tracking Code:




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