Gravity currently only offers a Cost-per-Click, or CPC, pricing model. This means that you set an amount that you’re willing to pay for every click to your content.


The beauty of Gravity is that it's your content that dictates your results and not the size of your budget.

The minimum daily budget needed to create a campaign on Gravity is $200 per day per campaign. The number of clicks your content receives dictates how much you end up spending. This is decided when you set your Cost-per-click, or CPC during the campaign set up process. For example, if you set your CPC to 50 cents, every time a reader clicks on a piece of content in your campaign, you will pay 50 cents. You only pay for the clicks you accrue. So even if you set your daily budget to $200 and you only receive $5 worth of clicks for the day, you will only be charged $5.

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