Native Ads

With Gravity Native Ads, you can drive discoverability of your brands through personalized native content distribution at scale. Gravity’s personalization technology understands a user’s interest which advertisers can leverage to target users who share interests with their brand. 

How Does It Work? 

Native Ads reach engaged users—not audience buckets—via our proprietary User Interest Graph Technology. When choosing recommendations, our algorithms look at each user's individual interest graph in order to find the best content for each user.

We can tune our algorithms based on your goals, we can for contextual relevancy, popularity, recency, etc. as well as by leveraging a variety of settings such as frequency capping, content time constraints, etc.

Read more about our technology here.

Ready to Get Started?

Please start by filling out the Contact Us form located here. A representative will then reach out to discuss your content and your advertising goals. 

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